The Estonian Church Effect

Ever since the first volunteer workers and more and more visitors began to visit the Estonian Ev. Martin Luther Church , irrespective of it’s dire physical condition, the same words came out of the mouth’s of visitors. The church and it’s pastoral surroundings have a calming, soothing and spiritual effect on its visitors. In the past two years and whatever the condition of the church during i’s occasional restoration efforts, thousands of visitors have come to visit this obscure historic site. The few services given on the site
by visiting pastors seem overshadowed by the visitors who find a tree stump to sit on to meditate and say a silent prayer. One must wonder, are the prayers in remembrance of the souls still buried in the eleven grave cemetery ? The exsisting spirits of the founders and their hard labors? Or  are they personal issues of the visitors who find this a most soothing platform to connect their soul with the higher being, “God”. Whatever the reason for the continuing visits may be? The Estonian church has it’s purpose and reason for being.