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Documentary Land of Soul “Hingemaa” airs on ETV this February


Land of Soul Hingemaa First Estonian Church WisconsinIn a forgotten countryside, six hours drive from Chicago, near Gleason village there is an alley called Estonian Church Road. In the end of this alley or more like a road between fields there stands a little wooden church and an abandoned graveyard allegedly with a dozen graves next to it. This building with a broken roof and a leaning tower is the first church in America built by Estonians. It was built a hundred years ago and is desperately in need of repair.

In Peedu, Tartumaa County, Tõnis Mägi has an unexpected phone call. Jaan is calling from Chicago. He with other local Estonians is trying to save the old church and now he invites Tõnis to America to give a benefit concert at the church restoration work days. The aim is to collect funds to restore the wooden church and reunite the local Estonians once again as Tõnis once managed to do with the Estonians at home, in the days of the Singing Revolution.

Documentary Land of Soul “Hingemaa” aired first time on ETV on February 24 at 7:35 AM. Today you can see its recording at ETV Archive Website.

Duration: 28 min

Director: Kullar Viimne & Erik Norkroos
Camera: Mihkel Soe, Kullar Viimne, Erik Norkroos
Sound Recordist: Mart Kessel-Otsa, Antti Mäss
Sound Design: Tanel Roovik
Graphic Design: Indrek Köster
Editor & Producer: Erik Norkroos
Missing Pictures – Rühm Pluss Null 2016






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